Souveni Siegburg Michaelsberg

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    Tanyia Grübner2 Juli 2017Reply

    Hi Eva,
    I have seen you on Shopping Queen a while back and just luv your artwork! it is just beautiful. I have tried to locate your item online, but for some reason I am unable to find your many items. The website that I am always directed to only has about 4 items and that it. I am interested in handbags and many more accessories to buy for myself. Is this possible? looking forward to hearing from you,
    thank you very much for sharing your creative artwork!
    Sincerely, Tanyia

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      Eva-Marie Loesgen2 Juli 2017Reply

      Hello Tanja,

      thank you very much for your wonderful email!!!
      You can find my products here!!
      Eva-Marie Design

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